Exam on multiculturalism – acculturation process of immigrants from Central and Eastern Europe in Sweden

University essay from Göteborgs universitet/Statsvetenskapliga institutionen

Abstract: The focus of this paper is on cultural integration of migrants into the Swedish society, regulated by Swedish integration policy. Nowadays, when migration flows grow over decades, immigration issues should be paid a special concern. The study is narrowed to acculturation of immigrants from CEES in Sweden. Ekberg & Andersson (1995) have calculated that income effect of immigration has rated in tax incomes growth up to eight milliards SEK. Therefore their successful integration is crucial bilateral benefit.Most research on immigrants‟ integration is made by analysis of integration of them into labour market. However socio-cultural integration of immigrants is understudied. This research analyses acculturation of immigrants from CEES, comparing the goals direction of integration policy with the actual state of things.Firstly Swedish integration policy was analysed. Secondly, information on actual acculturation of immigrants was gathered. Twenty one interviews with CEES immigrants was made and analysed through Berry‟s (Berry, 1995) theoretical model.The results have showed that Swedish integration policy keeps multiculturalist approach, which was supported by analysis of immigrants‟ acculturation. There were no large differences of integration process among three nationalities of the case study group.

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