Modeling and simulation of existing biogas plants with SIMBA#Biogas

University essay from Linköpings universitet/Teknisk biologi

Author: Jonas Karlsson; [2017]

Keywords: Biogas; SIMBA#Biogas; Anaerobic digestion;

Abstract: The main purpose of this project was an attempt to modulate and simulate two existing biogas plant, situated in Lidköping and Katrineholm, Sweden and evaluate how the process reacts to certain conditions regarding feeding, layout and substrate mixture. The main goal was to optimize the existing processes to better performance. Both the modeling and simulation were executed in SIMBA#Biogas with accordance to the real conditions at the plant in question. The simulation of each model was validated against data containing measurements of, CH4 yield, CH4 production, TS, VS, NH4-N concentration and N-total concentration. The data was obtained from each plant in accordance with scheduled follow ups. Both models were statistically validated for several predictions. Predictions of N-total and NH4-N concentration failed for some cases. Both plants were tested with new process lay outs, where promising results were obtained. The Lidköping model was provided with a post-hygienization step to handle ABPs. The Katrineholm model was provided with a dewatering unit, where 35% of the centrate was recirculated back to the system. Both setups was configured to yield the highest CH4 production. This study suggests that SIMBA#Biogas can be a tool for predictions and optimizations of the biogas process.

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