An efficient tool for customer data imports into Ipendo Platform

University essay from Linköpings universitet/Institutionen för datavetenskap

Abstract: This thesis aims to investigate the theory, processes and implementation details behind the development of a web application purposed to validate and import customer data into Ipendo Platform, an online web portal for managing intellectual property (IP) rights. Ipendo Systems, the company behind Ipendo Platform, required a solution that could improve efficiency and reliability over their current script-based validation and import process. The software produced during this thesis only partly solves the problems of current import methods by providing a tool for importing a specific type of customer data. It does however provide the infrastructure for the validation and importation of other types of customer data (platform objects). These extensions would however require more time than allocated for this thesis. The development has taken place over a period of ten weeks during which several decisions has been made regarding areas such as the chosen development process, system architecture and more concrete implementation details of the software’s different functionality. These decisions will be discussed and motivated with the help of referenced development theory, examples and figures. The delivered solution successfully validates and imports the supported platform objects, while providing an interactive user interface for the user to work within. It also provides architecture ready for extension with new validations and import modules for all types of platform objects. Finally, the results obtained with the developed tool points to a large increase in efficiency for the supported platform object. 

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