En kvalitativ studie om lärares upplevelser av den individuella lönesättningen inom offentlig verksamhet

University essay from Lunds universitet/Sociologi

Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to gain knowledge of the individual salaries within the public sector. My intention is to explore and gain understanding teachers' experiences of the individual salaries within the public sector. The essay examines the individual salaries from a critical perspective, and I would thus gain knowledge of the possible consequences of this system. The thesis is a qualitative approach. It was carried out a total of eight semi-structured interviews and the people who were in the study were principals, chief negotiator, HR consultant, first three teachers and two ordinary teachers. Senior manager interviewed in order to obtain relevant background information and concrete knowledge about whether the payroll process worked in a public organization. The result that emerged in the paper was that almost all respondents felt that was basically the individual salaries is a good system, but that there were several flaws in the system. The reason to this was that the respondents felt that the individual salaries was a good system was that anyone who works hard should get more pay and performance are measured. What the respondents felt that their individual salaries resulted in and contributed to was a confirmation of a job well done and it was a driving force in the work. Overall, perceived the individual salaries as a good system basically because valued work performance, but there were several flaws in the system that needed improvement. There were some who felt that the individual salaries were arbitrary and unfair system. This was due to various factors such as those that spoke for itself got better pay and others who worked in the silent thought they received less pay. The individual salaries also affect social relations and the cooperation of the working Group. Some teachers felt that the various side projects value was more than the actual teaching, which in turn generated more pay check, which led to discussions in the group. The obstacles that teachers generally felt was that public activities are bureaucratic and tax-financed were often tied by the budget and therefore that it was not as big wage differences between teachers.

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