COLORUM : a ceramic investigation of form, in relation to balance and spatiality

University essay from Konstfack/Keramik & Glas

Abstract: I call my project COLORUM - A ceramic investigation of form in relation to balance and spatiality. Colorum means colors in Latin. Dividing the word, color from English, and rum is space in Swedish. I have investigated the ceramic process through basic geometric shapes. Trying to understand, learn, feel and master the material. Work with and against it, control, and let go of control. I have been working with casting techniques and exploring the primary forms, challenging the material, pushing the clay norms to their edge. By relating to geometry, I defy myself to create these precise forms in ceramics. I combine soft, colorful glazes on the surface with a strict body that creates a juxtaposition that opposes each other. The journey continued by challenging the precise forms through gravity movement creating imploding bodies. I'm curious about the dialogue and the meeting between different expressions in shapes, material, and volumes.

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