Pathfinding and positioning in a labyrinth game using a wide-angle camera

University essay from Lunds universitet/Institutionen för reglerteknik

Author: Stefan Olsson; [2015]

Keywords: Technology and Engineering;

Abstract: Alten AB has a technology demonstator in the form of a motorized and camera equipped large scale labyrinth game. The ball position is controlled by a ABB industrial PLC connected with Android tablets for user interface and a camera as a sensor for the ball position. This thesis demonstrates the ability to place a wide angle camera inside the cabinet, correcting the lens distortion caused by the wide angle lens and detect the ball with the use of a circular Hough transform. A path is also generated from the ball position to any position of the maze by capturing an image from the camera, generating a map for subsequent pathfinding, using an improvement of the Dijkstra’s pathfinding algorithm named Theta'. It further demonstrates the feasibility of using the computing power of the camera for both pathfinding and ball positioning.

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