Design of high performance buildings : Vulnerability of buildings to climate change from an energy perspective

University essay from KTH/Hållbara byggnader

Abstract: The challenge of climate change is twofold: to mitigate (prevent) the causes of climate change and to prepare (adapt) to the inevitable effects and consequences. Building and construction are key sectors for decarbonisation (mitigation). The increase in intensity, frequency and duration of heat waves threatens indoor comfort and constitutes a health and comfort risk (adaptation).Therefore, regulations are being changed to take into account related emissions and extreme episodes through new indicators. However, up to now, past climate observations are still used in the calculation of these indicators. This raises the question of how to integrate future climate predictions into regulations. This work aims at characterising the vulnerability of buildings to climate change and aimsat taking into account future climate predictions in building design. It establishes a method for constructing standard weather data based on climate projections and for identifying vulnerable building typologies that are at risk. This project stands out for the use of a large number of building and meteorological data. 77 residential buildings from the Centre Scientifique et Technique du B

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