Homeless women´s emergency housing situation in the city of Gothenburg

University essay from Göteborgs universitet / / Institutionen för sociologi och arbetsvetenskap

Author: Emelie Ekbrand; [2020-08-18]

Keywords: Women; Homeless; Vulnerability; Emergency Accommodation;

Abstract: The aim with this study is to gain an insight into how homeless women, who already are avulnerable group in the society, experience an even more vulnerable environment when anemergency accommodation only for women relocated and became part of an emergencyaccommodation where both men and women live. In order to fulfil the purpose two questionswere the core of my material: How do the women get affected in a practical sense, whenmoved from a separate women’s emergency accommodation and become part of anemergency accommodation where both men and women live?; What are these women’sfeelings and perceptions of living close to a gender mixed accommodation?This essay consists of interviews with five women who lives in an emergency accommodationin Gothenburg county. The data has been analysed using content analysis, where theoreticalunderpinnings from Goffman and the intersectionality theory has been used to interpret theresults. The study results show that these women´s feelings are ambiguous regarding theirnew living location. These women experience both greater security and greater insecurity.The security they experience is based more in the physical aspects, as they now have guardsaround the clock and camera surveillance. The insecurity stems more from the fact that theynow live so close to men. The results indicate that these women have different needs that arenot met by the municipality.

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