THE REALITIES OF SUBURBAN FEMINISM : A study of feminism in the suburbs of Gothenburg among the immigrant communities.

University essay from Högskolan i Halmstad/Akademin för lärande, humaniora och samhälle

Abstract: This study on feminism is a study aimed at understanding a reality within feminism (suburban feminism) in the suburbs of Gothenburg and the underlying factors that contribute to the emergence of this new phenomenon, and why women in the suburbs relate to as an alternative social tool in the quest for better social standings. The research was focused on the 2 major issues and they were (1) the effect of intersectionality on feminism in the suburbs and (2), the effect of internal factors like culture and religion on feminism in the suburbs. Intersectional analysis in my study partly explained the emergence of this new phenomenon (suburban feminism) as a reality within feminism. Cultural shock experienced by the immigrant women when they come Sweden explained also the relevance of cultural polarisation as a factor in the emergence of suburban feminism. The research was done through the qualitative research methods among the immigrant populations living in the suburbs of Gothenburg. The primary research material was the respondent’s experiences and answers to a variety of questions. With the help of several respondents and earlier research done on feminism in the suburbs shows how suburban feminism as a phenomenon emerges and takes shape among the immigrant populations and how this kind of feminism emerges out of the daily challenges ranging from intersectionality, socio-economic setups and several other aspects the respondents refer to as cultural shock between different cultures that have converged in the suburbs. In general, suburban feminism is a phenomenon that emerged out of several factors that range most of them intended for the furtherance and empowerment of women in all spheres of life. The respondent’s answers to the questions fielded in this study together with the earlier research done on feminism and equality in Sweden formed the bedrock on which the study is anchored on. Suburban feminism in my study is a product of social construction different from feminism anchored on theories and this becomes more evident from the answers of my respondents in their understanding of feminism.

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