Benefits Management and its applicability in practice

University essay from IT-universitetet i Göteborg/Tillämpad informationsteknologi

Abstract: This master thesis treats the subject of Benefits Management, which purpose is toorganizing and managing, such that potential benefits arising from the use of IT areactually realized. The purpose with this study has been to clarify some of the existingproblems in introducing Benefits Management into an organization. Informationsystems and technology investments in organizations are substantial and growing, andat the same time there exist a want of showing an actual value of an investment and toimprove benefits realization within projects. While formal methodologies andtechniques for computing investments are generally used, relatively less formality isapplied to managing and realizing their benefits. This, despite that IT evaluation isone of the most researched topics in the IS literature, with an outcome of rigorous andreplicable toolset of methods. This study gives answer to what is required for BenefitsManagement to be applicable in practice. This is done by a comparison between theBenefits Management process and an existing project process within a realorganization. In addition an investigation is done regarding how people within thisorganization experiences and handles benefits throughout projects. Our study shows,that to be able to apply a Benefits Management approach in practice there is a needfor adjustments regarding the attitude towards benefits and what an organization putinto the concept business benefit. It is also of great importance that there is a cleartraceability of each benefit through the whole project regarding where in the businessit will occur and who in the organization that should be responsible for its delivery.

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