Comparative analysis of development potential for biomass- vs coal-fired powerplants in Henan province,China

University essay from KTH/Energiteknik

Abstract: Coal-fired power plants’ typically large capacity and relatively low electricity generation costs in the Chinese power market can be compared with their typically low specific thermal efficiency and older age on average. At the same time, the environment pollution caused by local coal-fired power plants has started to receive due attention. Sustainable renewable energy sources and the application of effective conversion technologies for those has become a top priority of China's current energy strategy. Biomass in general and anaerobic biogas in particular can be regarded as clean, locally available renewable energy resources. Replacing coal with biomass-derived energy is especially relevant for certain locations in China. For the case of Henan province, work has already been undertaken by the local authorities for the proper estimation of the biomass potential and the selection of most applicable energy conversion technologies with the lowest environmental footprint to replace aging coal-fired plants with various biomass-based power generation facilities.

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