The role for IT-support in Lean concepts : A qualitative study of municipalities

University essay from Högskolan Väst/Avd för informatik

Author: Per Eriksson; [2011]

Keywords: Lean; IT-support; Lean concepts; LeanIT;

Abstract: This thesis have the intention of to create a deeper understanding around IT-supports role in Lean concepts, and has been done with a hermeneutic approach and a theory creating approach as a case study with qualitative method, semi-structured interviews has been used as data collecting technique. The interview respondents were one IT-manager and one department manager from 4 municipalities. The data has then been analyzed by part- and comprehensive analysis with a hermeneutic approach and presented in the 4 different cases, that the municipalities used represent, and in one where all is combined. The results show massive use of computers but not any use of IT-support for Lean according to the respondents. Conclusions that where made was that programs like the business system in use in the organization and Microsoft Office package not is seen as a IT-support for Lean despite that several of the respondents use it to do Lean things like processes and that this is more or less considered as an obvious package to have. They have a tendency to think it has to be a separate IT-system or program especially made for Lean for it to be important and be interpreted as an IT-support for Lean.

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