Globalizing Democratic Responsibility - how to make sense of responsibility issues as processes of decision-making move to inter- and transnational levels

University essay from Lunds universitet/Statsvetenskapliga institutionen

Abstract: This thesis deals with democratic responsibility and accountability in a globalized world. The ambition is to provide the reader with tools to analyze responsibility issues at the global level. To achieve this, three types of analytical approaches are used; empirical-, normative-, and constructive. The thesis starts out by concluding that to be democratically responsible is to be responsible for the enhancement of democratic values, such as freedom, participation, and openness. Several factors are identified as barriers to democratic responsibility in global affairs, such as the absence of a clearly defined demos and the shattering of roles and loyalties. By introducing the theoretical concept of moral agency, the thesis establishes that both collectives and individuals are possible carriers of moral in global settings. In addition, a discussion of the issues of who should hold whom to account and to what standards is offered. The thesis concludes that despite the complexity and the difficulties to reach consensus regarding responsibility issues at the global level, mechanisms to ensure democratic responsibility in global affairs do exist. In addition, the global sphere is by no means deprived of norms and rules to regulate the conduct of powerful decision-makers. Key words: globalization, democracy, democratic responsibility, accountability, moral responsibility

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