The House of Stewart as Agent of Language Change : A Historical Sociolinguistic Corpus Analysis of Register Variation and Language Change in the Stewart Letters (1504-1669)

University essay from Umeå universitet/Institutionen för språkstudier

Abstract: The present project set out to explore whether or not the members of one of the most powerful families in history functioned as agents of language change. Using the Parsed Corpus of Early English Correspondence (PCEEC), the present project examines and discusses linguistic conservatism and innovation in relation to the historical movement towards a Standard English. This is done by scrutinising six members of the house of Stewart that can be found in the PCEEC following theories and frameworks pertaining to the scientific discipline of sociohistorical linguistics. The findings of the present study suggest that the house of Stewart appears to have been in the vanguard of language change in several respects.

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