Data visualization for the modern web : A look into tools and techniques for visualizing data in Angular 5 applications

University essay from Blekinge Tekniska Högskola/Institutionen för programvaruteknik

Abstract: This paper looks into how data is best visualized and how visualizations should be designed to be most easily perceived. Furthermore the study looks into what tools there are available on the market today for visualizing data in angular 5 applications. With regards to a client, a developer team from the swedish police IT-department, the tools are evaluated and the one most suitable for the client is found. The paper also looks into how a dynamic data solution can be developed in angular 5. A solution where data can be selected in one component and displayed in another. To answer the questions sought a study of previous research into data visualization was done as well as a look into how angular 5 applications can be developed. Interviews with the clients were held where their specific requirements on visualization tools were identified. After searching and listing available visualization tools on the market the tools were evaluated against the clients requirements and a prototype application were developed. Showcasing both the most suitable tool and its integration but also a dynamic data solution in angular 5. As a conclusion data visualizations should be made as simple as possible with the main focus on the data. When it comes to tools the one most suitable to the client was Chart.js that easily integrated into an angular 5 application. An application that thanks to angular’s features is well equipped for handling and developing dynamic data solutions.

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