Designing an interface for teach pendants, with focus on novice robot users : Investigating users experience in early usage of a teach pendant

University essay from Umeå universitet/Institutionen för tillämpad fysik och elektronik

Author: Amanda Engström; [2021]

Keywords: ;

Abstract: The thesis aimed to investigate whether an interactive application could aid novice users’ early usage with the OmniCore FlexPendant. The method followed the Double Diamond design model. An initial literature research was made including a competitive analysis, followed by a design sprint that started the concept making of the application. Thereafter several iterations of user research and prototyping were made. Final user tests were conducted on a hi-fiprototype. The result showed that a functional application based on the hi-fiprototype would aid novice users early experience of the OmniCore FlexPendant. However, the result also showed that some of the functionality shouldnot be limited for a specific application but should be available in the wholeFlexPendant. Further should the functionality overall become more interactivein order to compose the best user experience for the novice users.

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