Controller programming with CoDeSys for an automated timber sorting system

University essay from Uppsala universitet/Signaler och System

Author: Nils Breitholtz; [2010]

Keywords: CoDeSys; CANOpen; Controller programming;


This report describes the development of weight measurement application and transducer positioning for the A Sort prototype that has been developed for automatic grading and sorting of timber. The prototype consists of a transportation system with hydraulic and electrical motors, a measurement system with laser scanners and acoustic measurement equipment and a control program for the automated process with CoDeSys. The objective was to integrate these parts in an automatic system process, controlling a prototype designed for acoustic measurement of logs. The devices were installed and configured to communicate via an existing fieldbus line using CANopen as communication protocol. A control program was made for each task and implemented in the control process for the automatic measurement of logs. Two load cells were installed beneath a moving tilt and the measurement equipment was tested and calibrated using three different logs with known weight. The testing showed that in order to get higher accuracy the construction needs to be modified. Photo cells were installed on the measurement frames and a program was made in order to make the acoustic measurement of the logs work properly.

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