Where Something Goes Up, Something Else Goes Down : May a meeting between textile and glass disrupt the hierarchical order among materials and techniques?

University essay from Konstfack/Inredningsarkitektur & Möbeldesign

Abstract: We have a tendency to want to sort our surroundings, we set things against each other, value them and place them in a hierarchical order.Where something goes up, something else goes down.We attribute different properties to materials, techniques and spaces and load them with values. Our perception of the environment is based on a collective construction. Textiles are sorted among the home, women and decoration while glass is associated with exclusivity, traditional masculine craftsmanship and architecture.Where something goes up, something else goes down.Textile can be defined as material, like fiber, or as technique, like weaving, knitting, sewing. Threads that together form a composition by running over and under each other.Where something goes up, something else goes downCan I disrupt the hierarchical order between textile and glass by merging them? Because, I would like to change our view of how we can use textiles in a spatial context.My experience is that textiles in spatial and architectural contexts are often something added afterwards to adjust things that the building process has not considered. But other materials such as glass have an obvious position as part of the definition of space. 

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