Teacher Professionalism and New Public Management: a Study of Teachers Sense of Professionalism in Swedish Ethnic Segregated Schools

University essay from Uppsala universitet/Företagsekonomiska institutionen


The aim of this thesis is to examine the impact of new public management (NPM) reforms on teacher professionalism in Swedish ethnic segregated schools. As a result of the various NPM reforms implemented in the education sector, the work of teachers has changed considerably in the last twenty years. The introduction of the new form of control has intensified the work load of professional teachers and led to standardization of teaching. Some scholars argue that NPM has led to professional losing control of their work resulting in de-professionalization of teachers while others argue that professional might acquire new skills that enhance their professionalism leading to re-professionalization.

The theoretical basis for the thesis is Evetts (2009) occupational and organizational professionalism which is used to investigate the links between NPM and professionalism in the contexts of the public services professionals.

The empirical study consists of five semi structured interviews with teachers working in four ethnic segregated schools.

The findings show that teachers working in ethnic segregated schools encounter a challenging teaching environment that affects their teaching quality and diminish their professional autonomy. The result indicates the expansion of organizational professionalism and the demise of occupational professionalism. The only aspect of occupational professional that is apparent in this study is collegial relations. Moreover the findings of this study indicate the tendency towards de-professionalization.

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