Studying barriers to solar energy use in the significant four and five star hotels of Tehran

University essay from Luleå/Department of Business Administration, Technology and Social Sciences

Author: Armin Edelatnia; Nakisa Zardoost; [2012]

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Abstract: The present study shows the importance of replacing current energy sources with renewable energies and benefits of solar energy in hotel and tourism industry. The research presents how solar energy use can be beneficial to hotel and tourism industry. The data collection instrument employed was a questionnaire and a structured interview and the participants of the study were 9 numbers of four and five star hotel managers. The questionnaire designed contains five elements known as the barriers of using solar energy in the hotels and this questionnaire was composed of twenty one questions. The interviewees also were asked to respond the structured questions. The study findings revealed that the importance of five factors on using solar energy, and these five main factors were managerial and organizational, economic, cultural, technological, and geographical factors. The results revealed the role of government in using solar energy and how could be important the support of government. On the other hand, financial barrier and high expenses of this technology present its up and running factors along with lack of awareness of the managers about technology which can be a result of lack of culturalization might impede the employment of solar based systems in the developmental projects related to hotels. The fourth factor stressed on was the geographical factor which specifically pertains to the air pollution in Tehran.