Possibilities with Stirling Engine and High Temperature Thermal Energy Storage in Multi-Energy Carrier System : An analysis of key factors influencing techno-economic perspective of Stirling engine and high-temperature thermal energy storage

University essay from Mälardalens högskola/Akademin för ekonomi, samhälle och teknik

Abstract: Small and medium-scale companies are trying to minimise their carbon footprint and improve their cash flow, renewable installations are increasing all over the Europe and are expected to do so in following years. However, their dependency on the weather cause pressure on matching the production with demand. An option how to challenge this problem is by using energy storage. The aim of this project is to determine techno-economic benefits of Stirling engine and high temperature thermal energy storage for installation in energy user system and identify key factors that affect the operation of such system. In order to determine these factors simulations in Matlab were conducted. The Matlab linear programming tool Optisolve using dual-simplex algorithm was used. The sensitivity analysis was conducted to test the energy system behaviour. Economic evaluation was done calculating discounted savings. From the results, it can be seen the significant benefit of SE-HT-TES installation is the increased self-consumption of the electricity from PV installation. While the self-consumption in cases when there was no energy storage implemented was around 67 % and in one case as low as 50 % with the SE-HT-TES the value has increased up to 100 %. Energy cost savings are 4.7 % of the cost for the original data set and go up to 6.2 % when simulation with load shift was executed. Simulations have also shown that energy customer with predictable energy demand pattern can achieve higher savings with the very same system. It was also confirmed that for users whose private renewable production does not match load potential savings are 30 % higher compared to the system where energy load peak is matching the PV production peak. Simulations also shown that the customers located in areas with higher electricity price volatility can benefit from such system greatly. 

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