The subject, not just an object : Maritime Safety in the Vessel Traffic Service Domain

University essay from Linköpings universitet/Institutionen för datavetenskap

Abstract: Although the term maritime safety is widely used in the maritime domain, there is no exact definition of what is included in it. This thesis is an explorative study with focus on the Vessel Traffic Service domain. VTS operators were interviewed and observed to gain insights in how maritime safety is constructed from the perspective of an operator. Further, definitions of maritime safety by central organizations in the maritime domain have been studied through a literature study and several interviews. The results of the study indicate that there is no common definition of the term maritime safety. The organizations generally identify maritime safety as an overall goal or an umbrella term for measures such as traffic separation schemes or fairway design etc. In contrast to this, the analysis of the data obtained indicates that VTS operators define maritime safety as a context-dependent condition which is shaped by their own action. It is concluded that there is a gap between the central actors’ and the VTS operators’ understanding and definition of maritime safety. To increase the overall safety in the maritime domain, there is the need to overcome this gap through constructing common values, norms and identities. Instead of having several definitions of maritime safety, there should be one definition which can capture the fact of safety being a dynamic condition which is shaped by the enactment of reliability through, in this case, the VTS operators. Finally, the VTS as service to the maritime community should be seen as the subject in the construction and promotion of maritime safety, not as just an object.

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