Original Copies

University essay from KTH/Arkitektur; KTH/Arkitektur

Abstract: This thesis aims to investigate copying in architecture in relation to context. Is it possible to copy a building?With the advances of 3D-scanning and digital fabrication, the possibilities for copying form and material are constantly increasing. However, more so than the artistic object, architecture is always contextual - a building exists on a specific site. Therefore, when investigating copies in architecture, context becomes crucial. How does context change the specifics of the building?While studying the copy in relation to context and the adaptations, the relation between the original and the copy is highlighted. At what point does the copy detach itself from the original? Is there a copy or just multiple originals?In relation to these questions, there are several issues that surface, that might be defined by studying the subject. What is architecture? What is a building? What makes a building a piece of architecture? Who has authorship over a piece of architecture? And most importantly: where in a building lies the originality?

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