Feasibility analysis for adaptation of chain management solutions in the production logistic environment to a large special purpose transport units company.

University essay from KTH/Trafik och logistik

Author: Valentina Ullberg; [2013]

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In recent years the competition in the manufacturing sector has continually grown stronger.

Globalization and increasingly demanding customers have lead to new and bigger challenges

for the manufacturing companies. Therefore efficient planning and control systems have

become even more important. The so-called PPC system (production planning and controlling

system) has become an essential part of the success of a production company. It needs to

allow for transparency when planning and controlling different projects.

The basis for this research has been the VIP manufacturing company at a large special

purpose transport units company, more precisely the department for large special purpose

transport unit. The methods, theories and solutions for more transparency have been examined

during the literature studies in regard to fitting a VIP production. It is important to notice here

that a project at the large special purpose transport unit is a socio-technical system, where

human interactions have a great impact on the success of each project.

This research focused on the aspect of on-time delivery. How to create more transparency in

PPC systems has been examined. Through a participatory research at the large special purpose

transport unit, some key elements of a more transparent PPC system have emerged.


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