What leaders can do to keep their key employees - Retention Management

University essay from Göteborgs universitet/Företagsekonomiska institutionen

Abstract: Background: retention management is a highly topical subject and an important dilemma many organizations might face in the future, if not facing it already. We believe that the leader plays a key role in employee retention and retention management. The concept of retention management can both have a narrow, and a broader significance. Both parts of its significance are generally included in this thesis. The background of the thesis present a few articles that discuss issues that makes it important for the organization, and the leaders, to work hard with retention management. The research is based on the leaders in the Finnish case company Tradeka. Following key questions are intended to be answered: What are the consequences between leaders actions and employees retention? Which is the leader’s role when it comes to retaining employees?Purpose statement: The purpose of the thesis is to investigate and analyze how companyleaders today can retain their key employees. How can the provision of key human resources develop a long-term relationship that makes top employees stay in the company? The study aims to establish the procedure leaders apply to retain employees. The purpose is to compare the qualitative study, made at the case company, with findings from the thesis theoretical framework.Research method: The study is a qualitative, as well as a theoretical study where empirical findings and theories has been compared. The intention of investigating and using the Finnish company Tradeka Limited as a case company, is to make theinformation from the theories more valid, and also the interest in how retentionmanagement works in practice. Eleven qualitative interviews were conducted atTradeka’s financial department, both with supervisors and employees to get a broaderview at the phenomenon retention management.Result: Leaders and their skill in creating a culture of retention, has becoming a key inwhy people stay and what usually drives them away from a company. The leader hasbecome the main factor in what motivates people’s decision to stay or leave. Fororganizations to keep its key employees their number one priority should be to look attheir management, because people leave managers and not companies. Characteristics in a leader that are of importance, as the leader plays a key role in retention management is: trust builder, esteem builder, communicator, talent developer and coach, and talent finder. The leader’s relation to the employees plays a central role in retaining employees, because employees need to feel involvement, and that their presence count. When retention is a core value, good things happen for customers, employees, and the company.

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