Managing the Outsourced Supply Chain Market Analysis of Major Third Party Logistics Providers on the European Market

University essay from Lunds universitet/Produktionsekonomi

Abstract: Problem What growth potential and possibilities for development exists for Third Party Logistics companies on the European market? What are the Key Success Factors? What threats exists? How have the leading Third Party Logistics providers in Europe attained their market position and what internal and external resources can they exploit for further development? Purpose Investigate and explore prominent Key Success Factors within the Third party Logistics industry on the European market. Clarify what resources and capabilities need to be successfully managed in order to achieve competitive advantage within the TPL industry. Method The report is built on a qualitative research study. Information gathering has been done from interviews in combination with secondary sources. Information from secondary sources was gathered from literature as books, brochures and articles in addition to the Internet. Objective To identify Key Success Factors for leading Third Party Logistics providers on the European market. Furthermore, throughout an empirical analysis identify a number of more visible factors for their positioning, development potential and growth possibilities within the TPL industry. Conclusions The increasing demands from the customers will most likely lead towards knowledge intensive and solution based logistics. When developing, implementing and managing these solutions co-ordination capabilities are of crucial importance where opportunities will be evident for TPL providers that stay closely aligned with customer demands. The TPL market will most likely be divided into various segments. The logistics systems will be more standardized from one perspective while another perspective is pointing towards more sophisticated and customer tailor made logistics systems. Successful TPL providers will most likely use leading edge technology to adapt to the new and rapidly changing market environment. TPL providers will take advantage of improved visibility throughout the supply chain and establish closer and more long-term relationships with customers.

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