Advertising Theories and Models - How well can these be transferred from text into reality?

University essay from Högskolan i Halmstad/Sektionen för ekonomi och teknik (SET)

Author: Linda Karlsson; [2007]

Keywords: Advertising; Theories; Models; Communication;


The purpose with this study is to find out to which extent four of the existing advertising theories and models are relevant to the market today. This will be done by investigating the literature published on these in present literature.

This study has been examined an international organisation to get a deeper understanding over how they feel about using advertising theories and models. By interviewing a high positioned, Nordic Brand Manager, employee in the organisation the researcher has tried to find out what attitudes they have towards the theories and models used in this study. The study has also interviewed customers from the organisation that has been exposed to one of the organisations advertising campaigns and that has bought their products in the past. This has been done to see to how the use of these models has been apprehended by the customers.

The study has focused on finding out if there are any traces of the theories and models in the organisations advertisements. The models aim to point out the different steps that an advertisement has to take a customer trough before purchase, and this study has examined if the organisations advertisements has succeeded with this.

Advertising descends from marketing communications and to create a good advertisement the process must work from the beginning. For advertising to be successful, the literature claims that the organisation must be aware of the whole process.

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