Explorative Multivariate Data Analysis of the Klinthagen Limestone Quarry Data

University essay from Uppsala universitet/Institutionen för informationsteknologi



The today quarry planning at Klinthagen is rough, which provides an opportunity to introduce new exciting methods to improve the quarry gain and efficiency. Nordkalk AB, active at Klinthagen, wishes to start a new quarry at a nearby location. To exploit future quarries in an efficient manner and ensure production quality, multivariate statistics may help gather important information.

In this thesis the possibilities of the multivariate statistical approaches of Principal Component Analysis (PCA) and Partial Least Squares (PLS) regression were evaluated on the Klinthagen bore data. PCA data were spatially interpolated by Kriging, which also was evaluated and compared to IDW interpolation.

Principal component analysis supplied an overview of the variables relations, but also visualised the problems involved when linking geophysical data to geochemical data and the inaccuracy introduced by lacking data quality.

The PLS regression further emphasised the geochemical-geophysical problems, but also showed good precision when applied to strictly geochemical data.

Spatial interpolation by Kriging did not result in significantly better approximations than the less complex control interpolation by IDW.

In order to improve the information content of the data when modelled by PCA, a more discrete sampling method would be advisable. The data quality may cause trouble, though with sample technique of today it was considered to be of less consequence.

Faced with a single geophysical component to be predicted from chemical variables further geophysical data need to complement existing data to achieve satisfying PLS models.

The stratified rock composure caused trouble when spatially interpolated. Further investigations should be performed to develop more suitable interpolation techniques.

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