Non-governmental organizations’ impact in a sustainable context : A case study from ActionAid Denmark’s Global Platform Mt. Kenya

University essay from Uppsala universitet/Institutionen för geovetenskaper


As the world globalizes and people travel more, volunteering has never been more popular to combine with a cultural exchange. Many countries have volunteers and non-governmental organizations which try to help that country’s vulnerable. This study investigates the impact of non-governmental organizations through a case study done at one of ActionAid Denmark’s Global Platforms in Kenya. This Platform works as one of ActionAid’s training hubs where participants from mostly Denmark and Kenya take part in courses focusing on capacity building and global citizenship. Their aim is to provide knowledge to facilitate social change. By using qualitative data in the form of interviews and observation, this study makes an impact assessment and evaluates what impact the Mt. Kenya platform actually achieves and what challenges there might be. Questions about the impact and challenges are asked to a wide range of involved people at the Platform, namely participants, staff, locals and neighbors. This study’s theoretical concept employs the theories “4 Levels of Evaluation” developed by Donald Kirkpatrick and Robert Brinkerhoff’s “The Success Case Method” as well as Jack Mezirow’s theory of transformative learning and Beck’s & Purcell’s theory of social change. The analysis shows that the trainings themselves make a tremendous impact on the individuals participating in the Platform’s trainings. The courses are well structured and executed by the facilitators. The concept where different cultures meet and interact is a success in itself. To make even more impact in the community and for the people in the surrounding area, the Platform needs to be more visible to the locals and improve its marketing and communication activities so the locals want to participate more.

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