Where do the Italians Belong? - Assessing Globalization and Identity

University essay from Lunds universitet/Statsvetenskapliga institutionen

Abstract: The processes of globalization interfere in every aspect of life. Like societies, nations and communities; individuals and their national identity are also under severe pressure from globalization. The purpose of this thesis is to deepen the understanding of how globalization transforms identity and belonging. Using written literature and qualitative interviews this thesis creates a theoretical overview and concludes that globalization indeed transforms identity and belonging and that a crisis of belonging is arising. The case study, where this theoretical framework is applied, shows how the Italians are divided into three large groups of belonging. The Italians either feel a belonging to Europe, Italy or their region/city. All three sets of belonging have roots in history, but this thesis argues that globalization makes them stand out even more. It is concluded that an identity crisis is present and that identity and belonging clashes with the processes of globalization. Identity and belonging are therefore fragmented and undergoing constant changes. The thesis hence addresses the problematic relationship between globalization and belonging and emphasizes the problems of Italian national identity.

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