Pause — Stress Management

University essay from Umeå universitet/Designhögskolan vid Umeå universitet

Author: Gabriel Uggla; [2020]

Keywords: stress; management; pause; gabriel; uggla;

Abstract: Stress affects us all more or less, but over the last decade people who suffer from severe stress and its symptomshas increased considerably. Women are especially affected, with absence from Swedish workplaces due tostress growing 370% between 2011—2019. As of 2020, stress is treated when we experience symptoms suchas anxiety, panic attacks or insomnia, but it is more sustainable to prevent stress than treating it in terms ofmoney, time, health and effort.Through collaboration with people affected by stress, psychiatrists & researchers specialized on stress, anddesigners from different disciplines, the topic of stress was explored and researched to create a conceptualsolution that could be able to help users manage their stress better.“Pause” is the result of this work. It is a conceptual product ecosystem consisiting of an application andwatch that facilitates monitoring and management of stress in day-to-day scenarios, in order to prevent andreduce stress.

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