Concept development of a space-efficient aid for working remotely

University essay from Jönköping University/JTH, Industridesign

Abstract: The way office work has been conducted has been reflected upon the society and historical moments. Due to the pandemic working from home has been applied on a large scale for the first time in history and some changes will certainly stay.  This project aimed to investigate and develop a product that could aid a better work environment while working from home. Therefore, a certain product was not defined beforehand.The goal was to explore product solutions that solved issues that users were facing. Since the aim was to design a product that was guided by the research, the final result did not only cover the field of working from home but also working from anywhere. The result did also cover a more sustainable solution by mainly using one material, and by being able to replace and repair parts. The main methods used in this thesis were Double Diamond, Design Thinking, and a Human-centered approach. The findings of the different methods and tools used in the project laid a foundation and guided the final result and outcome of the project.  The project was conducted together with Yellon, a Brand Experience – firm, as supervisor. 

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