Capturing the Digital Era: Utilizing Digital Technologies to Strengthen Marketing and Communication -A multiple case study of eight Swedish international industrial organizations

University essay from Göteborgs universitet/Graduate School

Author: Carl Eklund; Tobias Brandt; [2021-06-28]

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Abstract: Recent technological developments during the 21st century has enabled organizations to meet its customers in new ways, giving birth to the concept of digital marketing and communication. Digital marketing and communication activities have for a long period of time been a central part of B2C-organizations marketing strategy. This trend has also increased with regards to B2B-organizations, however the vast majority of the research on the subject of digital marketing and communication concerns the context of the B2C market. In this thesis we research the concept of digital marketing and communication within the industrial market. More specifically, we focus on how international industrial organizations can successfully capture the advantages generated by digital technology advancements to strengthen marketing and communication. The main purpose is to generate a deeper understanding of this phenomenon. We explore this phenomenon using a multiple case study design where eight international industrial organizations are investigated. The research resulted in the development of a conceptual framework that is divided into two main parts: Discovery and The Digital Transformation Process, which provides a comprehensive understanding of what determines the extent of the capture and thus its success with regards to strengthening marketing and communication. We conclude that the possession of and ability to develop dynamic capabilities is essential, as this enables international industrial organization to identify drivers on the market and within the organization as well as it facilitates proper identification of challenges and resource demands with regards to management of the digital transformation process.

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