Research on the impact of leadership practices on organizational culture

University essay from Högskolan i Halmstad/Akademin för företagande, innovation och hållbarhet

Author: Vishwaa Radhakrishnan; [2021]

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Abstract: In this research, researcher has attempted to present the impact of leadership practices on organizational culture. Hence in the beginning, the notion of the culture has been explained. Few more attempts have been made to describe the “organizational culture” and the role and impact of leadership. The research mainly has insisted on strategic leadership that may fill in the gaps within the organizational culture. This research adopts case study approach with three companies as example. One company where theculture suits it current environment, another company that needs certain improvement and the third company that needs a complete change of mindset to improve the cultural aspects. The nature of this thesis is more theoretical in nature and aimsto providea criticalreview of the leadership capabilities andorganizational culture. This research finallyprovidesa further room for designated heads in the organization to study and focus on importance of strategic leadership practices and its impact on organizations culture. In order to assess these capabilities, qualitative approach was adopted using non-probability sampling methods and the data has been analyzed suing open and axial methods. Hence, the results using case study approach show firms with traditional leadership face a lot of issues and the culture within does not seem to be positive in respect to the two other case study where the emergent leadership highlightspositive results and the culture within the firm seem to be the way it ideally should be in today’s business world. 

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