Measuring hand-arm vibrationsSpecifying

University essay from KTH/Medicinteknik och hälsosystem

Author: Marcus Inácio; [2020]

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Abstract: Abstract Working conditions with habitual exposure to vibration is the cause of many working related injuries, and a good example of the negative effects which environmental factors can have on workers’ health, as well as social and business economic consequences. Although there exist regulations which limit exposure levels, this is not something which is monitored in the workplace environment. The objective of the project is to propose a vibration measurement method for field use, compatible and derived from an investigation of the current measurement standards. A prototype system was developed for evaluation of the proposed measurement method, specified according to measurement and functional requirements which form the definition of “suitable technology” for the task. To answer the stated research questions, a literature review was conducted with the purpose of stating the requirements for a hand-arm vibration measurement system, as well as to collect information on the technical suitability of the components needed to design a complete prototype measurement system. Two laboratory experiments were used in order to evaluate the proposed measurement method, where the prototype system was used to carry out the data collection. The results consist of summarized findings of the measurement requirements from the literature review, presentation of the proposed measurement method and the documentation regarding the development of the prototype system. Also included are the results from the two laboratory experiments. To conclude, a proposed measurement method was developed, along with a prototype sensor system, and tested in two trials. The results indicate that the proposed measurement method and prototype system is capable of detecting vibration energy absorption in the hand tissue. The findings regarding system and method requirements provides an opportunity to further research, development and to improve safety in the working environment. Keywords: hand-arm vibration, exposure, measurement method

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