A Systematic Literature Review on the Critical factors that Contribute to Success of Agile Development Projects

University essay from Institutionen för tillämpad informationsteknologi

Author: Mohammad Islam; [2016-09-14]

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Abstract: Objective: The objective of this thesis is to identify the critcal success factors in anagile development projects.Research Questions: Two research questions are addressed in this thesis. Thequestions are: "What factors define success in agile software development" and "Howdo these factors contribute to success of a project".Methodology: In order to investigate and identify the critical success factors and theirrelating success attributes, a systematic literature review was conducted. 9 onlinejournal database search engines were used to search for relevant research literature tothis thesis, and 24 research studies were chosen. The studies were then filtered byusing exclusion criteria. Then in each study, the relevant data was extracted by usingkeyword searches with keywords being related to the success factors and the successattributes. Finally, the findings were analyzed using frequency analysis to see whichfactors and attributes contribute to success. Since not many research studies have beenconducted on this particular topic, the terminologies and naming conventions seemedtricky. To counter that, various synonyms and search criteria were used to retrieve anaccurate result. In addition, detailed reading of some of the research studies wereconducted to find additional keywords.Results: In this thesis, it is reported that technical factors are addressed by the mostnumber of papers to be the most important factor, followed by process,organizational, people, and finally project. Almost all the success attributes wereaddressed by some research studies, with the exception of 1 success attribute that wasnot addressed by any research study.Conclusion: From the findings of this thesis, it can be concluded that with theexception of one success attribute, all the rest of the success factors and successattributes are relevant for project to success. This thesis provides an insight to thecritical success factors and how the relating attributes are described in variousprojects. The critical success factors are still a relatively unexplored concept in thesoftware engineering field, and further research on the concepts presented in thispaper can help put them in practice in agile driven projects to achieve further success.

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