From Discovery to Delivery : An Evaluation of Discovery Service WorldCat Discovery at Skövde University Library

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Abstract: This paper is to evaluate the discovery service WorldCat Discovery (WCD) at Skövde University Library (SUL) through the usability study of the discovery tool WorldCat Discovery (WCD). By reference to the concepts of “Information Portal” and “Next-generation catalogue”, as well as Dillon’s (2001) evaluation model, the overall impression of the discovery service WCD perceived by users at SUL is investigated; the benefits and the problems of the discovery tool WorldCat Discovery are examined and discussed. Data are collected by a two-stage survey among the users of Skövde University Library, which targets on students and researchers at the University of Skövde. The results show that the discovery service WCD is evaluated positively in general and is confirmed to be used in the future by most of the target group members at Skövde University Library. The features of single search interface and basic filter functions are the major benefits, but the access to full-text articles in minor-used languages and metadata quality are the main problems perceived by target group members during performing common search tasks through the WCD interface. By identifying the benefits and problems in relation to the aspects of discover and delivery, this study addresses a cooperative effort between academic libraries, discovery service vendors and content providers to a “seamless” integration of discovery services with academic libraries.

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