The dynamics of communication in global virtual software development teams : A case study in the agile context during the Covid-19 pandemic

University essay from Uppsala universitet/Företagsekonomiska institutionen

Abstract: The increase of globalization of business led to the creation of global virtual software development teams in which communication plays an important role. The lack of recent studies raises the need to investigate communication in the context of agile and the current Covid-19 pandemic. This study identifies in literature three factors present in global virtual software development teams: technology, culture, and trust. It aims to explore how they influence internal communication. A qualitative method is conducted on a case study by combining data collected from semi-structured interviews and observations. The case study is a global virtual software development team which implemented the agile Scrum methodology. The findings provide a deep understanding of the positive and negative influences of the factors on communication, including their interrelations and context. Some of the main findings are: (I) the best set up for collaboration among global team members is the combination of synchronous and asynchronous communication through technological tools, (II) cultural diversity leads to differences in the ways members communicate, (III) trust is the precondition of working collaboratively and communicating effectively, (IV) global team members need to occasionally have in-person interactions to nurture their interpersonal relations, (V) the agile Scrum methodology influences internal communication positively, (VI) each communication factor is influenced by time; thus, the theoretical framework developed for this study is updated with this addition, (VII) the Covid- 19 pandemic affects communication to a certain extent.

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