Measuring service quality in the airline using SERVQUAL
model: case of IAA

University essay from Luleå/Business Administration and Social Sciences

Author: Mohammad Mehdi Bozorgi; [2007]

Keywords: SERVQUAL;

Abstract: Today competition is not only rife, but growing more intense constantly.
However companies need to start paying keen attention to their competitors,
they must understand their customers. Airlines are suffering from such
competition. They have to believe customers as core concept of their
business: customer satisfaction is what guarantees the future of airlines
and it is achievable by an adoption between their services and passengers’
needs. In another word, service quality is typically defined in terms of
consumer satisfaction. The purpose of this study is to provide a better
understanding of how satisfaction level among passengers within Iran Aseman
Airline is and how its managers can improve their service quality. To reach
to this purpose we have studied different models and uses of service
quality measurement and whereas Grönroos model was founded a comprehensive
model, we developed and adopted it to encompass various aspects of
airlines’ services. A questionnaire was designed based on literature in
order to examine all seven factors of service quality in Grönroos model for
airline industry. The reliability and validity was tested in a pilot scale.
We inclusively inferred that passengers of IAA are not satisfied with the
perceived services and it warns manager to focus on passengers’
expectations. Tangibles, assurance, responsiveness, reliability, empathy,
image and technical quality are seven features of the model and in all of
them, passengers feel dissatisfied. Managers should treat employees,
improve visually facilities and coordinate all people, departments and
organizations involved with IAA services.
Finally, IAA must measure passengers’ satisfaction and service quality
seasonally to keep the services corresponded with customers’ opinions.