Pricing for the players or the hobbyists? : A look into Games Workshop pricing

University essay from Uppsala universitet/Högskolan på Gotland/Institutionen för speldesign

Abstract: This paper looks into the pricing of Warhammer 40 000 miniature, manufactured by the company Games Workshop. On some internet forums there has been a discussion on whether the prices rise without giving anything in return, and whether the company cares about the players or the hobbyists. To help answer this question the correlation coefficiant between the price of the miniatures in both Pound and the in game Points and between Swedish Krona and in game Points was calculated. If a correlation exist between the two that would mean one gets a relatively similar points return per Pound, Swedish Krona or other currency spent. This was done on 139 different samples of miniatures/units. The results indicates that there is indeed a strong correlation between the two. This could mean that either the price is dependent on the points or vice versa. Higher price leads to higher points though, meaning that the customer get a similar amount of points relative to what they spend in money. This means, from a game perspective you get relatively the same back from you investment. To answer whether one gets something back in return for a higher price, the answer would be a higher amount of points.

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