Queer Belonging in Chinese Society: A Case Study of LGBTs Negotiation of Belonging

University essay from Lunds universitet/Sociologi

Abstract: In this study, possibilities to belong in the contemporary Chinese society are recognized to differences along axes of sexual orientation. Lesbians and gays in the LGBT group are exposed to violations of their human rights in forms of discrimination and lack of legal protection. The aim of this thesis is to critically explore “politics of belonging” by highlighting processes of inclusion and exclusion in the Chinese society. From material collected in a field study among LGBT movement organizations in Beijing, this research maps out lesbians and gays own negotiations of belonging. The thesis employs queer theories when exploring heteronormative structures in society. In lesbians’ and gays’ negotiation of these structures, the study finds that belonging in the Chinese society is dependent on embodying heteronormaive values. The study goes into practices of protest and LGBT movement participants’ activities to change politics of belonging.

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