Business coordination across borders within toyota : a case study focusing the coordination between Japan and Toyota

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Author: Nathida Jumreorn; Supadet Promprasit; [2009]

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Abstract: Date: May 28th, 2009Level: Master Thesis: EFO705 (15 Credits)Authors: Nathida Jumreorn (NJN08002)Supadet Promprasit (SPT08001)Title: Managing Multinational Corporation: Coordination Mechanisms within theMNCsTutor: Leif LinnskogResearch Problem:How does Toyota coordinate its business across borders? A case study with particularfocuses on the relationship between Japan and Thailand.Purpose: To describe how Toyota manage its business across borders in perspective ofrelationship and coordination between Japan and Thailand. Also to provide the information tothe reader who interested in studying the international management area.Method: The research design is the qualitative case study approach with the use of Semi-Structured interview, artifact and Secondary information. Toyota is selected as our unit ofstudy with focus on relationship between Japan and Thailand. The structural approach is usedas to the theories is generalized in to model that used for information gather and analysis.Conclusion: Due to the fact, there is no particular coordination mechanism that perfectlygoverns the large and complex multinational corporation. The combination of several wellorganized methods is efficient approach to manage such a complex organization. In variousways, coordination mechanisms are commonly applied in the organization. The structural aswell as informal coordination mechanisms are being used in Toyota organization to facilitatethe collaboration between headquarters and distance subsidiaries.

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