On-line storage versus local storage for mobile users

University essay from KTH/Kommunikationssystem, CoS

Author: Liang Huang; [2006]

Keywords: SMS; Online storage; WLAN;


When a user has a mobile device with lots of built-in functions, what would they like to do with it? Of course, interactive voice and videoconferencing, sending SMS & Instant Messaging, listening to music, taking photos, etc. People want to have a device with a large storage capacity, much as they do on a desktop or laptop PC. But sometimes the user does not have sufficient local storage capacity on their mobile device. Online storage is a good solution for this, but the limited battery capacity connectivity must be balanced such require that the mobile decided what should be uploaded/downloaded and when - along with what should be stored locally.

This problem is very significant not only theoretically, but also practically. We expect that the online storage will replace storage media, such as CDs and DVDs. Today use of a mobile device is a very popular. Users would like to be able to easily send files to friends in other parts of the work, and share files with these friends. Additionally, users to not want to loose important data (photos, files, ... ), these functions can all be implemented using on-line storage. Use on-line storage should be simpler for the user, thus smart mobile devices should simplify the user’s experience, provide safer file storage (i.e., with a lower risk of data loss), and to store files in the most appropriate location(s).

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