Conductive polymers - a route for sustainability

University essay from Högskolan i Borås/Ingenjörshögskolan (IH)

Abstract: The concept of sustainable use of materials defines as utilizing raw material as less aspossible and introducing less toxic substances to the environment as well. Smartmaterials are one route for sustainability, as they have optimal performance in relation tomaterial composition. New technologies can be developed by using smart materials. Onearea is the development of smart textiles, meaning the incorporation of electronicfunctions in textiles. These functions can be used for human protection or monitoring ofhealth.Conductivity is a key factor in smart textiles. The aim of this report is to identifyelectrically conductivity of textile fibres in conjunction with conductive polymer(polyaniline). By applying conductive polymer (polyaniline ink) on textiles fabric andfibres it is possible to obtain conductive textile products. This project focuses on thedevelopment of conductive fibres by coating of an individual fibre or a few differenttypes of fabric with conductive polymer polyaniline dispersion in water and toluene assolvent. Various situations have been taken into consideration and investigated fordifferent concentration to different times of coating and deposit thickness. Performanceon resistivity calculation led to find optimum concentration and coating numbers anddeposit thickness. Based on the inventory, a qualitative resistivity analysis is carried outfor the purpose of identifying which combination of concentration and times of coating inthe case of woven types fibre or coating thickness in the case of non woven types offabrics as well as the types of fabrics would provide the better conductivity properties in the textile fibres and fabrics.

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