Forward Error Correction for Packet Switched Networks

University essay from Linköpings universitet/Kommunikationssystem; Linköpings universitet/Kommunikationssystem


The main goal in this thesis is to select and test Forward Error Correction (FEC) schemes suitable for network video transmission over RTP/UDP. There is a general concern in communication networks which is to achieve a tradeoff between reliable transmission and the delay that it takes. Our purpose is to look for techniques that improve the reliability while the realtime delay constraints are fulfilled. In order to achieve it, the FEC techniques focus on recovering the packet losses that come up along any transmission. The FEC schemes that we have selected are Parity Check algorithm, ReedSolomon (RS) codes and a Convolutional code. Simulations are performed to test the different schemes.

The results obtained show that the RS codes are the more powerful schemes in terms of recovery capabilities. However they can not be deployed for every configuration since they go beyond the delay threshold. On the other hand, despite of the Parity Check codes being the less efficient in terms of error recovery, they show a reasonable low delay. Therefore, depending on the packet loss probability that we are working with, we may chose one or other of the different schemes. To summarize, this thesis includes a theoretical background, a thorough analysis of the FEC schemes chosen, simulation results, conclusions and proposed future work.

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