City branding on Instagram: DMOs and their usage of affordances

University essay from Uppsala universitet/Institutionen för informatik och media

Abstract: Technological developments such as social media have created challenges for DMOs (destination marketing organisations or destination management organisations). DMOs are trying to keep up with development of new social media platforms including Instagram. Academic literature shows that there is very little known about the usage of Instagram by DMOs. Research on this topic is still in its infancy. This thesis aims to find out how Leeuwarden and Amsterdam, two cities in the Netherlands, are utilising Instagram by using affordances approaches of Kietzmann et al. and Spector. A qualitative case study, as well as a content analysis and interviews provide insight in DMOs usage of Instagram affordances, which is the purpose of this thesis. Findings show that both Leeuwarden and Amsterdam mostly use similar ways in utilising the affordances by Kietzmann et al. and Spector. The honeycomb model by Kietzmann et al. shows that the affordances of Instagram mainly focus on sharing, identity and relationships. Instagram does in a very limited way focus on groups. Spector’s affordances show that collaboration, interaction and creativity are most important. Reflection, dialogue, organisation and inquiry are not important.

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