Land, Life and Women’s lack of Power - A field study based on two divorced women in Bwiam, Gambia.

University essay from Lunds universitet/Humanekologi

Abstract: This is a fieldwork following the daily life during two months of two divorced women in the village Bwiam, Gambia. It is a study focusing on females in a patriarchal society and how they are bound by the social structures to be married, often into polygamous households, how they farm the land by traditional methods, learnt over generations, to support their families and how they sell their produce at the market. This study looks especially upon what a woman can and cannot do in the village of Bwiam and how she is dependent on the land and what she can or cannot farm. On a larger perspective looks at gender division of labour and how the ownership of land and laws of inheritance and divorce in Gambia leaves women dependent upon men. This study suggests that women in rural villages have the knowledge but lack the resources to do anything about the inequalities - they are aware of them and they do not like them but they are stuck due to social structures binding them.

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