Supply chain environmental requirements and EMS Is there an interface?

University essay from Lunds universitet/Internationella miljöinstitutet

Abstract: The importance of supply chains and the dissemination of EMS concept trigged this research to explore the environmental supply chain requirements, the way these requirements are controlled and to reveal the potential interface with EMS. The focus of this research has been in supply chains in Sweden and Poland. Interviews were conducted with companies of various sectors and members of the consultancy and auditing society in both countries. The research concluded that the environmental supply chain requirements are different between the two countries. It was amplified that the requirements are either product or process oriented. It was also illustrated that EMS usually appears as supply chain environmental requirement. The EMS in a supply chain context is used as a communication tool. The environmental supply requirements are usually mandatory but they are not closely associated to structured audit mechanisms. Finally the research presented that different levels of the society's structure are involved as gaps between the EMS and environmental supply chain management. The scenario of : ? incorporating EMS certification audits with suppliers? audits was perceived innovative from the interviewed groups. ? EMS standards per sector was unclear about the added value it will provide. ? developing and implementing a common EMS among key supply chain members was perceived with scepticism.

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