A thought of a new place to interact

University essay from SLU/Landscape Architecture (until 121231)

Abstract: The objective of this thesis is to propose ideas for a new urban square, questioning how to ‘land’ to the area and start up a space in a transforming city structure. Discussing what are the possibilities of creating a new place to interact and generating the energy at the place to prompt people to use it. To approach this matter, the thesis first looks at theory and investigates public life on three existing squares in Malmö. The preference to work with the squares came because they are considered one of the main elements in the city that support active use of urban fabric. In order to add a new functioning place to the network, an understanding of the characteristics of the present squares is necessary. The resulting knowledge can be helpful in making proposals for the new square. Although proposals could take place on any site, the execution will be done in Norra Sorgenfri. It is currently one of the new development areas in Malmö. The Malmö city’s position is that urban life should be introduced before the built structure. This is a different approach, as in a traditional planning process, it would be the other way around. Thus, the challenge is how to create the triggering energy that could bring people there in the first place, while the development is at a start-up stage! To approach this challenge, the thesis investigates a design principle called urban acupuncture. The method is seen as a response to the time consuming urban planning process, where the idea is to create energy with quick design solutions. It focuses solely on the place and how the emerging public use will further spread to the surrounding area and live it up!The thesis does not want to give any final solution for the resulting square. It rather starts the discussion of how one could approach the space that should become a new public square without the assistance of any external built structure. In addition, generating in its essence public life and evoke the knowledge of the place. The execution at the place is presented through different proposals, relating to the theoretical research, spatial observation and personal interpretation.

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