Enhancing audience experience on Live music

University essay from Uppsala universitet/Människa-datorinteraktion

Abstract: Increasingly, people attend live music event for diversified experiences that they could not have from listening to music at home or watching a broadcast on TV. Some seek to interact with their idol on site; others enjoy the collective action with audience members who share with them the same music preference. Enhancing audience experiences on live events, therefore, gains popularity. Research focus on crowd behaviors and the possibility of how implementing new technologies into this area. However, few studies have investigated have investigated the impact of individual promotion in the crowds by offering them a particular moment enabling them to feel more connected to the event. To deeply understand requirements from different stakeholders, audiences, and performers, a participatory workshop was conducted through which they acted as co-creators in the development process. Additionally, three qualitative evaluations were carried out to collect feedback on how the design system “HeartBeat” could enhance the audience’s experience. The research found that promoting individual impact and collective action are not conflicting with each other. Instead, they complement one another throughout the live session. “HeartBeat” is not only a design prototype that aims to increase audience experience but also a starting point for future design explorations in live music settings. 

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